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'You wouldn't eat bread if you'd seen the inside of a wheat silo.'

Getting ready for the movie. #preproduction

Giant Steps Autism Fundraiser

Do you ever write fan fiction?


Sure. There are at least two Sherlock Holmes stories, two episodes of Doctor Who, and “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?” that I’d count as fan fiction… Although I’m not sure if it still counts when they pay you for it.



I wonder what they’ll do about Sailor Pluto in the Sailor Moon reboot.

just what is that supposed to mean? she won’t appear until the second season. if you seen the anime or read the manga you would know this??

It’s just a joke. When Sailor Moon was first made Pluto was believed to be a planet, it has since been demoted to a very large object in an asteroid belt. There are asteroid scouts in the show named after the four most prominent asteroids that have been discovered, actually, but they’re by no means main characters.

CATFACE 🐱 #hipstamatic